About This Game of Thrones


We are the Faceless Men. This site is a labor of love.

From carefully composed film shots to beautiful people, HBO’s Game of Thrones is simply visually stunning. Our goal with this website is to offer a slightly different vision of the show: a simple, yet exquisite collection of screen captures (screencaps or screenshots) and other fantastic moments frozen in time; a repository of action shots, actors, vistas, and everything else pleasing to the eye.

The site is a work in progress and fully fleshing it out is busy–and thirsty–work. Past the carefully selected screencaps for each episode, here is a list of ideas for upcoming sections with more content.

If you desire to contribute to This Game of Thrones, send a raven and a man will get back to you.

Valar Morghulis

A Faceless Man

Possible upcoming sections

  • Fate Unknown - Where are they?

  • Hall of Faces - A repository for the many beautiful faces in Game of Thrones

  • Kings - All the Kings of Westeros (TV show only)

  • Every Scene a Frame - Carefully selected frames for each and every episode in the show, in sequential order (this might be too ambitious for a man)

  • Best of - The best of the best screencaps

  • Beyond the Wall - Oddities and other special treats

  • Blog of Thrones, aka Composition in the shot - Visual analysis of carefully composed shots

  • The Citadel - A repository for more things, links, etc.